The Deadliest Shade of Universe!

Since our birth on the planet Earth, we are taught to respect others, be nice to others. The seeds of helping others and politeness were just sown and gardened by our parents. But you know that if you overwater the plant, it wilts down! That’s what happens when you overwhelm an individual with all the good values, lecture him/her with good manners. At the end of the day, that individual will get saturated. And that’s the time society forces that person to be evil.

The worlds need to be a better place, they say. People say GIVE GIVE GIVE and the universe will retreat you with happiness. The law of nature, the karma will do justice to all of you and take care of everything. Now, there’s a twist in the tale. What if you get praised for doing bad things? And the karma gets sabotaged like it never existed. Let me give you a series of examples to explain you my concept of the deadliest shade of the universe. Every time you eat junk food, your body gets healthy. That sounds fantastic! The more calories you take in, the more fats your burn. I know it’s illogical, but that’s reversible cycle! Every time you smoke, your lungs get more breathable and healthier. What would be the new face of the world?

Painting the planet


 The more you become bad and atrocious, you rule the world! The Dark Knight rises again! People call for more wars, more ammunition. The top companies that will groove the market would be Junk Food and their new caption would be, “We provide preservatives more than anyone else”. Every arena or housing society will come up with factories that would keep you healthy with their sterile smoke. Colonies will rise and people will try to have toll over each other. Rich people and hackers will rule the world! Finally, there’s a summit of rich people and that includes Elon Musk.

Rich people: We want to go to mars now because the world will end at the end of the day.

Elon Musk: Okay fund Tesla for 50 years and will get you the gateway!

Rich People: Cool then. You need to come up with us and take hundreds of people to build your dream.  [Elon Musk spontaneously replies]

Elon Musk: I will stay here to make Earth better!

They embark on the journey to Mars and reach after a year. They tell their subordinate on earth to destroy the earth and drop nuclear on every continent. And BOOM!



A rise of Mafia on Mars that only includes Rich people and hackers. One by one they die as the another betrays the other one. In the end, there’s only one human alive in the whole universe. And He’s named Adam. The first named human on earth is now on Mars. Well, natural process and the universe’s sudden twist in the tale brings on to the new evolution on planet Mars! Life begins on Mars.

This is a total lunatic end of the earth and beginning of a new life on Mars! What are your thoughts on it? Pour it down in the comment section!


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